Lamb Bento

Animal Palz Lamb Bento

Recently I received my order of the Animal Palz Mini Sandwich Maker and Egg Press. It makes a lamb, bat, panda, and monkey. Of course for my first time using it I had to see how many different things I could make with the lamb. This was my first time using an egg mold. I was happy that it was easy and turned out so cute. The whole kit was easy and fun to use!

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Main Compartment: Carrots, lamb shaped pocket sandwiches (wheat bread with peanut butter), lamb sugar cookie, mini sweet peppers

Fruit: Lamb stamped in watermelon

Egg: Molded hard boiled egg to look like a lamb.

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8 Responses to Lamb Bento

  1. Excellent. I am so buying these moulds 🙂

  2. Oh me oh my! I want one. I need one. The question is where can I get my hands on one in the UK??

  3. Excel-lamb bento. This nifty thing sounds like a great investment!

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