13th Birthday Bento

13th Birthday Lunch

This was part of my nephew’s 13th birthday lunch. I am guessing that many 13 year olds would not want a themed lunch at school due to peer pressure but this lunch was served at home and he loved it. He also feasted on french bread pizza and jam tarts for dessert.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Background: Cheddar, corn and zucchini quesadilla (I sauteed the zucchini in a little olive oil and added corn) I painted the number 13 with a little food coloring and water.

Birthday Cake: Mozzarella quesadilla painted blue with food coloring and water, candles (carrot in the shape of the number 13), flames (cheddar cheese)

Snack: Mini Reese’s Pieces and peanuts

Fruit: Green grapes

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9 Responses to 13th Birthday Bento

  1. bentodays says:

    Looks lovely! Happy birthday to your nephew!

  2. Great bento, fit for a birthday boy! ^_^ Happy birthday Kathy’s nephew!

  3. How nice, happy birthday to your nephew!

  4. jdaniel4smom says:

    What a cute cake! I hope he had a wonderful birthday!

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