Pig Quesadilla Bento

Pig Quesadilla Lunch

I made this lunch for my 12 year old nephew for lunch at my house. It was Australia day for Aunt Kathy’s preschool camp. I know that it is not Australia themed but it does use quesadillas. I made lunch for 5 including myself that day and wanted all of the lunches made before the kids arrived. To keep it easy, everyone had quesadillas with the same fruit and vegetables.

I came up with this theme by looking through my cookie cutter collection. When I realized that I had large and small pig cutters, I decided to make a pig themed lunch.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Background: Cheese quesadilla painted with food coloring

Salsa: in Mini Dippers

Nuts: Toasted almonds with a hazelnut in the center (in a Wilton cup)

Pig: Cheese quesadilla painted with food coloring

Vegetable: Cucumbers cut into pig shapes

Fruit: Apples cut into pig shapes sprinkled with cinnamon

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10 Responses to Pig Quesadilla Bento

  1. How cute, I love pigs, n looks very yummy too.

  2. coconutcraze says:

    Love the piggy lunch box. This is a charming presentation!
    The bits left by the cutter could go into a blender, to make a juice is my thrifty thought.

  3. Mamabelly says:

    Love all these pigs! So adorable!

  4. me says:

    really cool and very tasty looking!

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