Tree Bento

Maybe this should be called Sugar Bento. There are not as many M&M’s as there appear. They are not under the tree. But there are still more than I intended. My 10 year old nephew requested this theme and helped assemble this lunch.

  • Peanut butter sandwich with green sprinkles
  • Raspberry yogurt with green candy leaves
  • Strawberry and kiwi

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3 Responses to Tree Bento

  1. Mary Lee says:

    I think that nephew definitely has a sweet tooth! Love the M & M colors! The green is John Deere green!

  2. katriel says:

    i am sure he loved it………. are you sure he needs that much sugar?

  3. So delicious – I hope your nephew loved his bento! Love the sugar sprinkles on top of the yogurt to make it look more integrated with the rest of the theme.

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