Christmas Ornament Craft

This year my sister and her husband hosted the family Thanksgiving. I am known as the crafty Aunt and I love doing crafts with my nieces. I planned the craft with inspiration from this and this. Mom and I both brought supplies.

Originally I thought that the adults would also create ornaments but I was too busy helping my  nieces (ages 9 and 7) to focus on my own. Mom found a lot of great supplies that inspired my nieces. They made 5 each. We had a lot of fun.

I did not take photos of the ornament backs. We hid the stitches with a felt back. The girls wrote or stitched their initials, name, date, and sometimes number in the series on the back.

My nieces are new to sewing and the needle often came off of the thread. I joked that my memory from this Thanksgiving will be the year I threaded a thousand needles.

Work table





Snowman and Tree

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  1. Those turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing them!

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