Woodland Trio – Felt Ornaments

This craft evolved from my initial concept. My original plan was to embroider on felt to make Christmas ornaments. Last year I appliqued and embroidered three felt ornaments. I wanted to make three coordinating felt ornaments this year with an embroidery emphasis. My original concept failed. I ended up using applique with a small bit of embroidery. But I am happy with the result.

For this project I used patterns from Aimee Ray’s “Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection”. The owl (#423), raccoon (#425), and squirrel (#428) are from page 121. The tree (#435) is from page 122. I loved that the book has a CD with images. I changed the image sizes to fit my project. Then I printed the images and used them as templates for the felt applique.

I tried to embroider directly on felt.  It is difficult to transfer patterns on felt. I wanted to use the tissue paper technique but I am currently roughing it craft wise in NYC without my stocked craft room. I ended up stitching the squirrel freehand while looking at the image. I did not like the result.

Craft fail

In progress (I changed the color of the owl)




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3 Responses to Woodland Trio – Felt Ornaments

  1. Sheila says:

    Very cute!

  2. The raccoon is too cute!

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