Stamped Wooden Disc Tutorial

Disc for Sheep Scavenger Hunt

I wanted an outdoor activity for my Sheep Themed party. I thought it would be fun to use my sheep stamp on wooden discs. We carved the stamp several years ago. I thought we should have at least 12 discs per child. The disc needed to be at least 2 inches diameter to fit my sheep stamp. I was going to purchase wooden discs but my husband said he could make the discs. We ended up preferring the homemade discs.

Step 1: Cut a maple sapling at least 2 inches in diameter. Use a compound miter saw to cut discs about 1/4 inch thick.

Step 2: Dry in an oven at 200 degrees for 1 hour.

Step 3: Gather materials: paper towel or newspaper, stamp, ink, and discs.

Step 4: Stamp image onto each disc. Push stamp into ink each time to get dark image.

Step 5: Allow discs to dry.

We made 154 black + 2 orange sheep. (the orange sheep were for special prizes). For the scavenger hunt we used  our front, side, and back lawns. We gave the kids brown paper lunch bags to hold the sheep. The discs were hidden in plain sight but the kids did not find all of them. They had a great time looking for the sheep!

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1 Response to Stamped Wooden Disc Tutorial

  1. Reggie & Mary Lee Page says:

    What a clever scavenger hunt! We should do one of those for the campout. I hope you can come this year and join in the fun (no need to camp – you can just drive back and forth!… unless you like to tent!)

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