Walked Manhattan

In May, a friend and I walked Manhattan. By walk Manhattan I mean walk the island from tip to tip. The route we walked was mostly the Broadway route with a few detours. It ended up being about 14.2 miles. In preparation I did several training hikes in Manhattan of 7 to 8 miles each. I was surprised how little I hurt after walking the length of Manhattan. I hurt much worse after the training hikes.

From the Broadway bridge over the Harlem River. The trees to the left of the photo are in Manhattan.

Isham Park near Broadway and 213th St.

Grant’s Tomb – Riverside Drive and 133rd St.

Riverside Park & 91st St.

Beard Papa Cream Puffs – Broadway & 77th St.

Times Square – Broadway & 42nd St.

Flatiron Building – Broadway and 23rd St.

Washington Square Park – Waverly Place & 5th Ave.

Wall Street Bull – Broadway after Morris St.

Statue of Liberty seen from Battery Park

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3 Responses to Walked Manhattan

  1. Reggie & Mary Lee Page says:

    Did you have one of the “Beard Papa’s” cream puffs? Reggie loves cream puffs and I am sure he would love to try one.

  2. Katriel says:

    I think it would be lots of fun- though I don’t think I could do it. Times square looks very crowded.

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