Fish Vegetable Potato Salad

I made this for my friend Yuko’s husband when he and Yuko visited my family Lake House. Because he was a guest, I gave him a choice of sauces: blueberry vinaigrette that I had planned for this fish theme, or the black bean sauce I had planned for 2 other lunches that day. I didn’t give my Mom a choice and she got the blueberry. She wished she had the black bean. I guess I need to find a better sauce idea when I want it to look like water or sky.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Fish: white potato roasted, orange Cheddar, yellow bell pepper, orange bell pepper, black bean sauce – black beans, salsa, balsamic vinegar blended in a food processor

Top Right: Cashews

Bottom Right: Cheddar goldfish crackers

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