Welcome Spring Dinner

romaine sugar snap peas pecan dressing

A week ago, I invited my friend Carol over for dinner and Scrabble. I am bad at Scrabble but enjoy playing it as long as my opponent does not mind that I am not tough competition. Carol offered to bring an arrangement and asked about the theme. I did not have a theme in mind and asked her if “Welcome Spring” went along with what she wanted to make. The daffodils were perfect! With snow and temps in the 30’s, it did not feel like Spring but I do live in Rochester, NY.

Romaine and Sugar Snap Peas with Pecan Dressing

Cheesy Quinoa and Asparagus Bake

Sliced strawberries with a splash of Fragola (Wild Miniature Strawberry Liqueur), a dollop of ricotta cheese and a drizzle of honey

Cheesy Quinoa and Asparagus Bake

I wanted to use my cute individual dishes that I bought at Wegmans awhile ago. Individual Cheesy Quinoa Asparagus bakes were perfect for these dishes.

strawberries with ricotta and honey

I created my own dessert with inspiration from my Easter basket – Strawberry Liqueur.

My critique of the meal: I would not make the pecan dressing again but I do like the idea of roasting and making my own nut butter to make a salad dressing. I enjoy quinoa bakes but probably not with asparagus. I am looking forward to serving fruit with liqueur and ricotta again.



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