Coffee Cake for a Crowd

overnight coffee cake

Last month I needed to make a morning sweet to go along with coffee for a crowd. I wanted something easy since I was adjusting to a new job and did not have most of my kitchen supplies yet. My niece suggested that I make coffee cake. I borrowed 2 pans and creamed the butter and sugar by hand since I did not have my mixer yet. I baked one the night before and the other was prepped the night before and baked in the morning. I cut them into small pieces.

I made Blueberry Coffee Cake and Make Ahead Coffee Cake (without the icing). The Make Ahead Coffee Cake is very convenient and delicious and I have made it twice now (also for a bring and share food day at work). My co-workers said that I can make coffee cake anytime.

blueberry and cinnamon coffee cakes

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