Baptism Food

My youngest niece was baptized in the Catholic church on Sunday. I took the opportunity to make some Christian themed food. I focused on the cross, dove, and church. It was fun to make something different and the party guests enjoyed my baptism themed side dishes.

Baptism chocolate covered cross strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are always a hit at a party. We put them on the dessert table. I made the strawberries special by piping small white crosses on them. I melted chocolate chips in my microwave and it was easy to dip the strawberries. I had a bit of a struggle with the white candy melts. They did not melt enough. I googled it and tried adding a little shortening. It worked! I kept it simple and cut a small end off of a zip-lock bag to pipe the crosses. In this photo you can’t really see the paper doily I put under the strawberries but it was visible and attractive as people ate the strawberries.

Cross Church Tortilla Chips

Even though I have a large cookie cutter collection I actually did not have a cross or a school/church so I borrowed the cutters from my sister-in-law. I used this recipe to make the chips. I had limited time the morning of the party so my husband and I cut the tortilla shapes the night before and I kept them in a zip-lock bag in my refrigerator. I baked them the morning of the party. My sister-in-law made a corn and bean dip to go along with my chips but you could also serve them with hummus.

Vegetable tray for baptism

I kept this vegetable tray simple by only cutting the carrots in the shape of doves. I used the largest cutter from this set. Originally I was going to cut everything in the shape of doves but I had limited time. It was my Mom’s idea to only cut some doves. I love the contrast between the dove shaped carrots and the cucumbers. I always have trouble finding carrots large enough to cut with small cutters. My mother-in-law gave me carrots from her garden which were larger and easier to cut since they were fresh. But when cutting carrots with cookie cutters I do find it more comfortable to put a folded dish towel between my hand and the cutter.

Baptism Cheese Tray Doves

I used the same concept with this cheese tray as I did with the vegetables. The doves were a contrast and by not cutting everything in shapes it was faster to make and I think ended up visually appealing. The doves are Cheddar and pepper jack, orange Cheddar surrounds the doves. I served crackers on the side.

Some of these items take a little time to cut but overall they would be easy to make for your party. Enjoy!

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  1. mtetar says:

    Well worth your time. Blessings Always, Mtetar

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