Ninja Sandwich for Lunch

Ninja Peanut Butter Sandwich Lunch

This lunch was for my 7 year old nephew. He requested this theme. It was actually a very easy lunch to make once I figured out how I would make it. This photo shows only one Ninja sandwich but I packed two for him (on top of each other).

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Ninja peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread (I used a round cutter to cut the bread), eyes (mini chocolate chips), crust from the bread, plastic sword, carrot lettering (I decided not to “glue” down the carrots with peanut butter and my nephew did a word scramble and figured out on his own what it spelled)

Top Right: Snow peas, carrot stars

Bottom Right: Blackberries

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    This is so entertaining I love it, very cute!

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