Macaroni and Cheese Lunch for Teen

Mac and cheese stuffed peppers teen lunch

My oldest nephew turned 18 this week! I made this lunch for him to take to school on his birthday. His school has a microwave for students to use so I put the raspberries in a silicone cup so his fruit and chocolate were easy to remove before heating. This is a big meal as I added pasta around the peppers. For a smaller appetite you can just serve in the peppers. But since I made it for a teenage boy I provided a large portion of pasta.

This was my first time stuffing peppers with pasta, in the past I used rice. I had some for my dinner and enjoyed it.

Also featured for the first time is my new EasyLunchBoxes Urban. These easy and convenient containers now come in three color sets: Classic, Brights, and Urban.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top Left: Raspberries

Bottom Left: Dove Sea Salt & Caramel Dark Chocolate

Right Side: Three Cheese Macaroni Stuffed Peppers

Not Pictured: Granola bar and almonds

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2 Responses to Macaroni and Cheese Lunch for Teen

  1. Mary Lee says:

    What a great way to celebrate his birthday! I bet our nephew loved it and ate every bit of it too!! It looks delicious!

  2. eclecticlamb says:

    Thank you! I hope that he liked it.

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