The Hundred Dresses Lunch

Hundred Dresses Lunch

I first read The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes several years ago. My niece was part of a team that competed against other schools with book trivia. Each team was provided with a list of books to read. I read the same books and helped my niece prepare for competition. The Hundred Dresses was on the book list one year.

The book is about the emotional journey of a girl named Maddie. A girl named Wanda is in her class. Wanda wears the same blue dress each day but says that she has 100 dresses in her closet – “all lined up.” Maddie’s friend teases Wanda everyday. Maddie stands by quietly and allows this to happen. I won’t say anymore about this story. I recommend that you read it. I love this book, it has a great message.  I read this again in preparation for making this lunch. My drawings are not nearly as nice as the illustrators and I only drew four but I enjoyed making this lunch.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Main: Cheddar quesadilla with dresses drawn with food marker (more quesadilla underneath)

Fruit: Clementine with “Be Kind” drawn with a dry erase marker. I included this reminder because many of us (myself included) could probably use this reminder from time to time. It is a message in the book.

Vegetable: Mukimame

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3 Responses to The Hundred Dresses Lunch

  1. Lovely lunch and your drawing is amazing!! I love the drawing on the clementine too!

  2. Tracy Ogishi says:

    Lovely. A cherished book!

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