DIY Miniatures Frames and Pie

Miniature Photos in Frames

My 11 year old niece and I had a delightful time creating miniatures. We scanned, re-sized, printed, and framed miniature photos of her Grandmother (my Mother).

For some of the photos we used Foil Embossed Stickers from the Dollar Tree. I thought they were $1.00 but when I checked out, the cashier said it was on sale for 1 penny! When I was fishing for a penny, a person behind me in line handed me a penny and said, “Pay it forward.” So it was free for me! We glued some photos on these stickers and glued light cardboard to the backs of these frames.

Foil Embossed Stickers

Foil Stickers

We took the photo off of this frame (see below) and put our own photo in the frame.

Purchased Dollhouse Frame

Dollhouse Frame

Customized Miniature Framed Photo

Ancestor in Frame

We also followed these directions and made miniature pies with bottle caps, beads, and felt.

Miniature Pies

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12 Responses to DIY Miniatures Frames and Pie

  1. KerryCan says:

    Great ideas for crafts–looks like such fun to do with your nieces!

  2. Lovely crafts! The pies are so cute and kitsch! I think they’d look awesome as pendants.

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