Little Red Riding Hood Bento

Liittle Red Riding Hood Lunch

I was inspired by a reader suggestion to make a Little Red Riding Hood bento. I was not sure about how this turned out but my 14 year old niece loved it.

Container: ECO Lunchboxes

Background: Rice covered with raw spinach leaves

Trees and Plants: Broccoli and asparagus

Little Red Riding Hood: Red Hood (red pepper), hair (spinach leaves), head, hands, & feet (Nishiki white rice), face details (chocolate & red sprinkles), body (Nishiki white rice with tomato sauce)

Grandma’s House: House (Arnold Pocket Thins Italian Herb – toasted), windows & doors (carrot)

Path: Peanuts

Fruit: Strawberries

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10 Responses to Little Red Riding Hood Bento

  1. Love this yummy bento and the detailing especially the red hood, very creative!:)

  2. I like the red riding hood! 🙂

  3. Very cute! 🙂 Sorry haven’t visited much lately but your bentos are as awesome as ever!


  4. MamaD1xx4xy says:

    Too cute! I am already looking forward to getting new lunch containers for school, can’t start soon enough!

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