Matching Bento and Napkin

Bento with Matching Napkin

Awhile ago a reader suggested that I embroider a bento. I love my EasyLunchboxes so it was a natural choice to embroider it on a napkin. I enjoyed planning and creating this simple embroidered napkin with matching lunch.

Container: EasyLunchboxes

Stars: Peanut butter sandwiches on wheat bread

Fruit: Strawberry

Vegetable: Sugar snap peas

Embroidery in Progress

Embroidery in Progress

I made a 12 inch by 12 inch napkin from a Flour Sack Towel bought from Herrschners. I used a water erasable pen to transfer my pattern to my napkin. My stitching is done with a simple back stitch. For the food I used 2 strands of DMC thread. For the outline of the box I used DMC Perle 5. I would have used 2 strands of DMC thread but I did not have any black left in my stash. (If you would like the pattern, leave a comment or email me.)

EasyLunchboxes with Matching Napkin

ELB with Matching Napkin

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24 Responses to Matching Bento and Napkin

  1. Too clever, by far! How could someone not smile as they saw their embroidered “menu”!

  2. Sarah says:

    That is a great job

  3. mtetar says:

    Now that’s creative. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  4. How clever is THAT??? LOVE it! 🙂

  5. Spot on! Both equally lovely! xx

  6. bentodays says:

    Great work on both the embroidery and lunch!

  7. So beautiful! An Inception-level of awesomeness with the bento and the embroidery matching so well 🙂

  8. SnappyJaye says:

    Adorable!! And, I’m impressed with the embroidery!

  9. Shirley says:

    I love how the starry theme match! nice!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Embroidered napkin is the greatest.

  11. coconutcraze says:

    Such a neat idea to remember your food even after it is gone…hehe!

  12. Jenn says:

    Such a fantastic idea!!

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