Week 14 TAST Satin Stitch

The stitch for week 14 of TAST is the Satin Stitch stitch. I have worked a little with satin stitch in the past but was not fond it it. This week was my first time to try padded satin. I think I was supposed to cover over the outline split stitch. But I am still happy with it. I like padded satin much more than normal satin stitch.

I allowed myself to get behind on stitching these last two weeks so I am catching up this week.

Row 1: Straight satin (vertical)

Row 2: Straight satin (horizontal)

Row 3: Padded with stitches

Row 4: Slanted satin

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1 Response to Week 14 TAST Satin Stitch

  1. Me says:

    It is very cool. I like the look of the padded as well

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