Australia Bento

The inspiration for this theme was a set of flag picks a friend sent from Japan. The set did not have the Australian flag so I made this pick.

The kangaroo is a quesadilla with a cheddar cheese joey. The kangaroo and joey have chocolate chip features. They are held on with a little bit of Nutella.

The kangaroo is on a bed of celery sticks and spinach. The top right liner holds red grapes.  The bottom left liner holds Japanese Koala cookies. The sheep are chocolates by Lindt.

My 13 year old niece helped me make this lunch. We had a great time!

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2 Responses to Australia Bento

  1. Very cute. Irony: I live in Australia, and whilst we do get Lindt chocolate bunnies and chickens at Easter, we do not as far as I am aware, get Lindt chocolate sheep! (shame – they’re rather cute)

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