Japantown San Francisco

When I heard that we would start the CLAAS Tour in San Francisco, my first thought was Japantown. The last time I went to Japantown was 2005. This year we were able to spend time in Japantown during our brief stay in San Francisco. Too bad it was at the beginning of our trip and our visit was on a Sunday. Otherwise I would have bought a lot at Daiso (Japanese dollar store) and mailed it back home to myself.

Street sign in Japanese and English

Pagoda at Japantown

Sign for Daiso (a Japanese product dollar store – everything $1.50)

Dishes at Daiso

Delicious mug

Sophie’s Crepes

Avocado and cheese crepe

Strawberry and Nutella crepe

Sashiko stitched crane

Ikebana arrangement

Cute tea tins

Japanese drinks in vending machine

Tanuki sake set

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2 Responses to Japantown San Francisco

  1. Roland says:

    Thanks for the pictures of Japan Town. No pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge?

  2. NiinaMaria says:

    Daiso has been my dream destination ever since I found the crafty blogosphere. Maybe someday I get to visit San Francisco. Well, I think the chances are pretty good as most of my friends are gay so statistically speaking one of them is bound to move there either permanently or for few years.

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