Favor Bags – Sheep Party

I decided to embroider my typical sheep drawing on bags to hold the kids favors. Originally I had thought about sewing the bags but I found some at Michaels Craft Store (Creatology Canvas).  I invited 3 nieces and 7 nephews to the party so I had to embroider 10 bags in advance. I started in April for the August party. The bags were complete in July.  I embroidered names (using each child’s favorite color) after I received an RSVP.  I only had to stitch one name the day before the party.  These bags were a lot of work but I enjoyed stitching them. Early into the project I decided to stitch only one component with each sheep. My typical cartoon drawing often includes a butterfly, snail, and flowers.




Favors for the bags. The kids also placed their completed ornaments and sheep name card in their bags.

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  1. Reggie & Mary Lee Page says:

    That is a lot of work – I sure hope that they all saved them as they are very special!

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