Osaka Travel and Bento

Osaka Aquarium Lunch

This is the next to last article in my Japan travel and bento series. My Mom and I spent time in Osaka at the beginning and the end of our trip. At the end of our trip my friend who lives in a different part of Japan came and spent time with us.

I know that this bento is a strange one and I almost did not share it here. It is very simple. The picks are from actual jelly fish and sea turtle photos I took at the Osaka Aquarium.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Nishiki rice dyed blue (I ended up using too much and it is VERY blue), stingray drawn on Cheddar cheese with food safe marker

Top Right: Cucumber

Bottom Right: Mukimame

We stayed at the Hilton near Osaka Station and near many amazing shopping opportunities. I did not take any photos during our shopping trips. I can’t believe that I did not take a photo inside an 100 Yen store. I certainly went to a lot of them while in Japan.

Stingray at Osaka Aquarium

Stingray at Osaka Aquarium

One of my Mom’s requests was to visit the Osaka aquarium. They have an impressive tank that spans many levels. During our time at the aquarium a preschool group of young kids was there. It was fun to see their reactions.

Jellyfish Osaka Aquarium


Turtle Osaka Aquarium

Sea Turtle at Osaka Aquarium

Another item on my Mom’s list was to visit the Umeda Sky Building. I have been to a few observation towers in my life but this is my favorite one yet. Impressive. We did not realize during our first stay at the Osaka Hilton that we could see this building from the Executive lounge.

Escalator Umeda Sky Building

Escalator to Observation Area at Umeda Sky Building

View From Sky Building

View of Osaka from the Sky Building

Another View From Sky Building

Another View From Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building Clouds

Umeda Sky Building Clouds

View of Esclators Sky Building

View of Escalators in Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building From Below

Umeda Sky Building From Below

Sky Building Afar

Umeda Sky Building

Osaka Night

Osaka at Night

This photo was taken from our room at the Osaka Hilton. The Hilton was very comfortable and in a convenient location.

Dog with Hair Bows

Dog with Dress and Hair Bows

An older man was walking this dog. It was the first time I had even seen a dog with hair bows. I told the man (in Japanese) that his dog was cute. My Mom then told me to tell the man that his dog was cute not knowing that I just told him.

Ferris Wheel Osaka

Red Ferris Wheel

Plum Garden Near Osaka Castle

Plum Garden Near Osaka Castle

The plum trees near the Osaka castle were in full bloom during our visit. It is probably a lovely stroll during other seasons but it is incredible during plum blossom season.

Sign on Plum Tree

Sign on Plum Tree

White Plum Close

Plum Blossoms

Plum Garden Osaka Castle

View of Plum Garden

Osaka Castle Through Plums

Glimpse of Osaka Castle Through the Plum Blossoms

Gorgeous Plum Tree

Gorgeous Plum Tree

View of Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

I did not include any close-up photos of Osaka Castle. We walked near it but did not go inside. While walking on the grounds and viewing the moat I kept thinking about my 9 year old nephew and thought that he would enjoy being there.

Osaka Castle Moat

Osaka Castle Moat

Cement Tori

Cement Tori

Tiger Osaka Castle

Tiger on Osaka Castle

Dont Speed Sign

Do not Speed Sign

Lion King Ad

Lion King Ad

Osaka Manhole Cover

I am fascinated by manhole covers in Japan. They are often themed for the city where they are located. The blog Uncovering Japan has a Manhole Monday feature.

We had a lovely time in Osaka. The next and last article in this series will be Kyoto.



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  1. coconutcraze says:

    As usual beautiful pictures! The green and gold roof of Osaka castle makes me imagine that it is a lovely structure.

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