Week 13 TAST Catch-up Week

Sharon asked the TAST stitchers if they wanted a catch-up week. The majority voted yes.  So Week 13 is a catch-up week. I did not vote as it did not matter to me.

This week Sharon provided two mini challenge options.  I decided that I will tackle Mini Challenge 2 “Share a tip on how you manage your stitching time” and in addition I will discuss my experience so far.

Mini Challenge 2

I am new to most of the stitches covered so far in TAST. I decided to create a sampler book. I hope it will be a good resource for myself. Sometimes the fact I am making a sampler book restricts me because I feel I need to finish my page before doing a more creative piece. (I have yet to start to put my book together.)

TAST Sampler Pages in Hatbox

Currently I have a fairly flexible schedule but part of managing my time is to decide if I will only create a sampler page or also do something extra. The ease or difficulty of the stitch and my schedule for that week determine if I create an extra piece.  It also determines how much time I put into my sampler. I have stitched late at night or early in the morning  to keep on schedule. But out of the 12 weeks, I only created an extra item 3 weeks.

My materials and special lighting are organized and set up where I can have easy access but I can also put them away (when I expect visitors). I stitch in many places around my house.

A place where I often stitch

A place where I stash some supplies (outside of my craft room)

I am very deadline driven in general and enjoy completing the TAST task by Sunday afternoon at the latest every week. I prefer to complete by Wednesday or Thursday because I get more blog visitors from Pin Tangle. I enjoy seeing the spike in my visitor stats!

Things about TAST that I enjoy

  • Learning new stitches
  • Stitching every week
  • Viewing amazing work from stitchers around the world
  • Receiving comments and encouragement from kind people

Thanks Sharon and fellow TAST participants!

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3 Responses to Week 13 TAST Catch-up Week

  1. sharonb says:

    you also look very tidy!

  2. Kathy, I had metioned about your blog in my blog.

  3. I love your sample box!! so cozy! 🙂 very nice! and they (the samples there) are so beautiful!!

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