Week 5 TAST Herringbone Stitch

Herringbone is the stitch for TAST week 5. Click on the above sampler photo for a better view.

  1. Herringbone
  2. Double Herringbone
  3. Herringbone (varying lengths)
  4. Tacked Herringbone
  5. Threaded Herringbone

Gathering enough stitching supplies was a challenge this week. I am grateful that my Aunt was kind to give me a hoop and thread.

I visited my parents last week and forgot all of my stitching supplies in a closet. I was hiding it from a young cat my parents were watching. My town is small and I have to drive an hour to buy stitching supplies.

I have a little experience with the Herringbone stitch. In 2010 I participated in the 39 Squares Stitchalong. For one of my freestyle embroidery squares I stitched a tiny bit of Herringbone.

My square featuring the Herringbone stitch.

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4 Responses to Week 5 TAST Herringbone Stitch

  1. Kathy says:

    Once again, well done. Congratulation. Kathy

  2. katriel says:

    I really like the threaded Herringbone!

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