Week 3 TAST Feather Stitch

The stitch for week 3 of TAST is the Feather stitch. I did not have experience with the Feather stitch but my work with the Fly and Buttonhole stitches prepared me. I was able to quickly stitch the sampler so I had time to do something else with the stitch. I created a blank card with a window to feature my Feather stitch embroidery.

I am not a Crazy Quilter. I joined TAST because of my interest in embroidery. But I think that viewing some of the embroidery samples stitched on Crazy Quilts influenced my card this week. In the past, I would have used a solid color for my card but this time I decided on a patterned paper.

My sampler for the Feather stitch.

I practiced the Feather stitch, Double Feather stitch, and the Closed Feather stitch.

A close-up of my blank card featuring Feather stitches.

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10 Responses to Week 3 TAST Feather Stitch

  1. Gail says:

    very pretty card — love the greens!

  2. Isabelle says:

    Nice sampler. your stitchs are very varied

  3. Raphaela says:

    Beautiful stitching. Like your use of beads.

  4. Katriel says:

    that is so neat! You are going to have to show me how to do it!

  5. Anneliese says:

    Good idea with the card. And your stitching looks very nice. Thank you for the visit on my blog.

  6. Anni says:

    What a great idea to make a card with an embroidery, really beautiful, thanks for nice comment on my blog.

  7. Beautiful card! I really like the colours and the bead accents. Embroidery is such a fab way to embellish a card.

  8. kathysnest32 says:

    This is wonderful. You really were blessed with a great gift for creativity. Kathy

  9. Raji Saj says:

    Looks lovely … keep going…

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