3 Easy Pony Bead Projects

Easy Pony Bead Projects

Awhile ago I asked my nieces and nephews if they had an idea of a craft we could do together for my blog. My 11 year old nephew remarked that he would like to make something with pony beads. For his last birthday he asked for pony beads and we gave him some. This was my first time working with pony beads that I remember.

When we started the project I just watched him string on the beads (somewhat boring for me). Eventually we figured out that it was easier when we worked together to pull the strings/wire and to have my hand on the already completed lines of beads.

These three projects are very easy, there are no additional loops, just straight lines. I enjoyed spending time with my nephew while working on these projects. In the future I would like to work on advanced pony bead projects with him.

Watermelon: We used this pattern from makingfriends.com.

Watermelon Keychain

Smiley Face: We used this pattern from makingfriends.com. We first tried it with cording but switched to wire which gave the design more support.

Smile Clip

Ladybug: We used this pattern from makingfriends.com.

Ladybug Keychain

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6 Responses to 3 Easy Pony Bead Projects

  1. How lovely! You should sell them at a crafts fair! :) They make great pendants too!

  2. Silas says:


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